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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1
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Timey Wimey Fest: Week 1 Day 1 ↳Favourite Doctor
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SDConCast - 07-17-2014 - Nerd HQ with Zachary Levi & David Coleman

#NerdHQ information from the podcast - updated
Here’s what I got. If I missed anything, add a comment and I’ll edit the post. Just some stuff to look forward to at Nerd HQ!

Robot Chicken will have a booth that will let you make videos!
Sesame Street will have a presence
No movie screening :(
About 60 more panel seats
Free wristband and pendant for those who have the app
Lots of new, awesome Nerd Machine merch
Nathan Fillion will be back!
Panels will still be added last minute, as people become available
Smiles for Smiles and Signings for Smiles will still happen
Concorse opens around 9:30
Party will be on Thursday at 9
More high fives

Not stunned about the movie screening; Serenity was old enough and already had a history of the studio having had free screenings of it. I can’t imagine many other films that would be feasible for doing the same sort of thing.

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